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International photography & photojournalism

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I love using photography to look a little closer, to dig a little deeper,
to step into the mystery of it all.

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Raku Loren Photography
International photography & photojournalism

Documentary Photographer, Cameraman, Director of Photography, Audio/Visual/Multimedia

Available for hire for domestic and international work as a photographer or videographer. Extensive travel experience in remote, hard to get to places. Creative with adversity and challenging conditions.

Portfolio Reviews

Whether you are working on a personal photo story, a portfolio of your best work, or editing down a slideshow getting a set of experienced eyes on it can make a big difference “to tighten the screws.” Get help with editing, post-production, and display. Create a more powerful visual narrative and presentation.

Mentoring & Consulting

Photo mentoring, tutoring, and consulting sessions conducted online. Whether you are working through a photo project or simply wanting to take your camera and digital darkroom skills to the next level, receiving one-on-one attention and guidance can be a wonderful catalyst to improve and to more deeply connect with the craft of photography — of making a great image.

Taking your images all the way means being able to work with them in the digital domain using a photo editor and image library software. I can help get things rolling for you with some coaching sessions until you are comfortable with your skills and workflow.

Photography Workshops

These gatherings are temporarily postponed due to COVID related social travel restrictions.

If you would like to be notified of new international photography workshops when they become available, join the workshop announcement list from the button below.

Your Favorite Images
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Many of the images from this website can be custom printed to your ideal size & material specifications.

Over the years, my images have appeared in some newspapers, magazines, books and even a few international exhibits. It has been an honor for me to collaborate with and help support the work of inspiring social justice movements and international non-profits and NGOs. I hope to do more of this in the future.

I’ve hand picked some of my favorite recent images to make available as photo prints “from the artist to you” exclusively available on this website, as custom prints made on a variety of cutting edge presentation and archival materials. This is one of the best ways to support my work right now.

It is my hope that the image(s) your order provide you with an abundance of light and joy in the years to come. I have a lot of new imagery from my recent travels in Mexico, Guatemala, and Asia that I am really excited to roll out and share in these coming months. Thank  you for your interest, your support. Thank you for taking the time to enjoy these offerings!

I hope you’re enjoying looking around this site, opening your eyes with light and inspiration, as well as your heart. May it soften as we tune into and resonate with the truth of our shared connection, our shared human experience.
May peace prevail!

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About Raku

Gratitude for visiting! I love to make visually stunning imagery that startles and softens my heart, allowing me to see a little more deeply, and to cultivate my own curiosities about the world and my connection within it.

I am currently wearing several hats as a working artist, teacher, multimedia photojournalist & content creator. I am also a deep tissue body worker and yoga teacher. My life through the lens of my photographic experiences has been really diverse and wide ranging.

From social documentary to wedding photography and everything in between, it is about honoring the place, the peak moment, illuminating the vibration of a person’s spirit. These are but a few of the many shared threads that connect the photographic experience regardless of the kind of photography that is happening. It is this honoring of the individual, the moment, the radiance of some mystery or shared connection, a ray of light in this human experience.

The angles and experiences from trying to tell a story about life through a series of images is challenging and  exciting. Honing my craft has meant learning how to hang out a little longer, to look a little more closely,  to challenge my own introversion or fears by meeting new people, going to places out of my comfort zone —  to understand how to “take my time” — to slow down and see a little more clearly — to see what is actually there, presenting itself.

I am still drawn to my first photographic preoccupations: the natural world and social documentary. I trained as a biologist and then as a science teacher. Working as an educator in schools, photographic workshops, bodywork sessions, and yoga classrooms have all been catalysts to cultivate my curiosity and connection to myself and the world around me — this one that I am part of, this sacred moment.

Following my curiosities has resulted in walking down some “sketchy” roads but also many glorious ones. Following that subtle palpation of my heart has mostly informed what, where, and how I have found the images that I am able to share with you here — or how they’ve found me.


One of my great joys is to share my enthusiasms for photography, meditation, and doing the often unexpected inner work that arises while disciplined to the creative process. While learning more about ourselves in co-creation with our creative expression, we can learn and practice the art & craft of making a photograph, of creating something that breathes light and life into our own heart and perhaps, into the hearts of many others around us.

It has been a great joy to teach travel photography and be part of creative cultural intensives that may include teaching yoga, meditation, and doing deep tissue therapeutic bodywork in locations across the United States and internationally.
As we’re currently in a time of limited travel, I have shifted as much business as I can to online services for the time being.

I am available for photographic and digital editing tutoring, photographic mentoring, and image portfolio reviews as well as photographic collaborations and creative image assignments.

Let’s connect! Let me know how I can be of service to you and your creative growth!


Meetings With Remarkable Beings:
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