Raku Loren Photography

I hope it’s obvious by now, I hope it’s absolutely clear that I really love photography and I love the challenges that each image presents itself with.

Over the years, I have done all kinds of image making. Often I am making photographs in either very difficult to get to places or/and very challenging conditions. As a former newspaper and sports photographer, I specialize in peak moment photography often under these and other considerable pressures. That’s what I do and can bring to your project or magazine story.

And of course, there are many other kinds of photography that I do that are not showcased here that include: music, dance, performance & documentary, environmental portraiture and yes, I still occasionally photograph weddings for couples that enjoy a more documentary & authentic style to remember their union and the gathering around it.

If you have a creative project in mind, let me know as I am open to all kinds of challenging assignments!

Here’s some more info on different ways I can bring my talents & experience to your creative project:

Documentary Photographer, Cameraman, Director of Photography, Audio/Visual/Multimedia
Available for hire for domestic and international work as a photographer or videographer.
Extensive travel experience in remote, hard to get to places. Creative with adversity and challenging conditions.

Portfolio Reviews
Whether you are working on a personal photo story, a portfolio of your best work, or editing down a slideshow getting a set of experienced eyes on it can make a big difference “to tighten the screws.” Get help with editing, post-production, and display. Create a more powerful visual narrative and presentation.

Mentoring & Consulting

Photo mentoring, tutoring, and consulting sessions conducted online. Whether you are working through a photo project or simply wanting to take your camera and digital darkroom skills to the next level, receiving one-on-one attention and guidance can be a wonderful catalyst to improve and to more deeply connect with the craft of photography — of making a great image.
Taking your images all the way means being able to work with them in the digital domain using a photo editor and image library software. I can help get things rolling for you with some coaching sessions until you are comfortable with your skills and workflow!

How can I help?

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