Raku Loren Photography

Southern Mexico: Oaxaca & Chiapas
Stock Image Portfolio (Part 1)
Prints Available & For Editorial

These are some of my favorite images from my recent work in southern Mexico. Looking deeply into the images, I hope you’ll feel both an intimacy and an authenticity in the moments of experience and a real sense of the energy of life on the streets, in the markets, the places of worship, and most of all, some of the presence and heart energy of Mexico’s people.

Southern Mexico is truly unique in the world. Of course, it has incredible physical beauty. But it also is blessed with a particularly rich cultural diversity that includes many influences & traditions from the indigenous populations who have shaped the region’s past and its present. This part of the country is also known far & wide for some of Mexico’s best tasting foods & flavors.

May these images illuminate and inspire the mind & heart to better understand the beauty of Mexico’s people and at the same time, celebrate some of the most visually stunning and memorable places in Mexico’s south.

I’m grateful for my interactions, experiences, insights and even the challenges encountered while doing my best to navigate and better understand this part of Mexico. It’s a place I think about often and have great affection for. Thanks for taking the time to enjoy these!

More extensive image galleries, contextual descriptions, and focused photo series available on request.

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